Day Trips in Tanzania

Our Tanzania day trips start from Arusha, Moshi or Marangu. The excursions are ideal: in a short time, you can visit the national park by observing the great diversity of wildlife or experience the everyday life of the indigenous people of Tanzania. At the end of the day trip, you can choose if you want to be dropped off at Kilimanjaro International Airport, at Arusha Airport or at your hotel.

All-day trips include a picnic lunch (lunch box) and mineral water.

We organize the following one day or multiple day trips

The Marangu waterfalls

Transportation will be provided by bus or car from Arusha to the Marangu waterfalls. These waterfalls are close to Moshi and to the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The source of the water comes directly from the glacier on top of Kilimanjaro. Splendid, green areas where also grow the most fantastic trees and exotic plants.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Transportation will be provided by bus or car from Arusha to the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, here is the possibility to walk to the first hut. This is beautiful, and a relatively simple walk through the tropical rain forest that grows on the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can see different types of monkeys (black and white colobus monkeys), tropical birds and other animals. Also, you can visit a small waterfall. The duration of the walk is approximately five hours.

Mount Meru

A car or bus will bring you to the entrance of the Arusha NP, here there is the possibility to walk through the Arusha National Park, and walk on mount Meru, the view is breathtaking, there are great views over the steppes of the Arusha NP, where you see the buffalos, zebras, and giraffe grazing. On a clear day Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen in the distance.

Maasai Camp

There is the possibility to visit an original Maasai camp. Here you see how the Maasai live, you can examine their huts and they will tell you about their lives and their traditions.


You can visit an orphanage center where you see how the orphan children live, and what is done to improve or change their lives.


You can visit a Tanzanian school, where you can see how the Tanzanian children go to school.

Cave Drawings

This is minimum a two-day trip, you drive to the Kolo cave drawings, some of these drawings are more than three thousand years old. Kolo lies 275 km from Arusha.

Meserani Snake Park

Here you not only see snakes but also different types of lizards, crocodiles and other types of reptiles. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of visiting a Maasai museum, and you can ride on a camel back. The park is located near Arusha, therefore, you can also combine it with your safari trip.

Bird Watching

A complete day of walking and bird watching at the tropical forest close to Arusha (Ngurdoto). You will find here an enormous mixture of tropical birds and monkeys.

Momela Lake

Pay a visit to the Momela Lakes. There are seven lakes in the Arusha NP where you can examine a mixture of birds, among other things there are large flocks of flamingos.

Camel Tour

Drive all day on a back of a camel, through a varied landscape, and enjoy a visit to a Maasai village.

Canoe Excursions
Excursion 1: (Arusha NP)

The first excursion is a combination of walking and a canoe excursion. On this excursion you walk through the Arusha National park, and you walk to one of the lakes in the park. Here you will make a canoe excursion with a maximum of three other persons and you will see dozens of types of water birds, hippopotamus, and other animals that drink water on the banks of the lake.

Excursion 2: (Lake Duluti)

On the second excursion, you pay a visit to Lake Duluti. First, you walk to the lake as you pass some very beautiful surroundings, and you will see some really rare plants and flowers. Then you and your guide will make a canoe tour on the Lake. He will tell you everything about the plants, flowers and exotic birds of this area.

Mountain bike routes

There are several mountain bike routes around Arusha varying in length and level of difficulty.

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