LEMOSHO 7 DAYS (Moderate)Mt_Kilimanjaro_Lemosho_Route

The slope on the ascent is gentler compared to Machame Route.
Accomodation is mobile tents.


DAY 1 Check-in at Lemosho Gate to start ascending to Mti-mkubwa camp

DAY 2 Leave Mti-mkubwa camp to Shira 1 camp(3505m)

DAY 3 Leave Shira 1 camp to Shira 2 camp(3900m)

DAY 4 Leave Shira 2 camp to Baranco camp(3976m)

DAY 5 Leave Baranco Camp to Barafu Camp(4673m), start ascending to the summit at midnight

DAY 6 Reach the summit (Uhuru Peak, 5895m) early in the morning. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise above the clouds! After that, start descending to Mweka hut(3076m)

DAY 7 Leave Mweka hut and descend to Mweka Gate, where you will get your certificate and celebrate singing with your crews.

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