Kioga situated just 5Km north of Arusha town. It is home to Ilarusa / Maasai family gradual shifted from pastroralism to agriculture, a big number of people still lives in Boma (traditional houses) and some tried to built block houses – Every family from the village own two up to four cows for milk and beef as well as farms for crops to supply the city and beyond.

Now Kioga is one of community organizing and offering cultural tourism in Tanzania. You are warmly welcome and enjoy, activities around our village.
“People of Kioga”


For the people of all level of health:
Farms Tours : Coffee, Banana, Maize, Potatoes, Beans, Cabbages, Onions e.t.c

• Traditional and Maasai Culture
• Great Hiking : Oldonyosapuk panorama
• Bees Keeping/Zero grassing which is the source of biogas
• Maasai/Ilarusa place of worship and the Maasai Bomas
• Day trip to Themi water falls
• Camel ride around Kisongo area 25Km West of Arusha.


[A] Half Day Tour Start From 2 – 4 Hrs

When you arrive at the tour starting point. The quality of Tanzania Coffee is well known worldwide due to its unique characteristics. Coffee from high altitudes are found to be rich in acidity, body sweet and well balanced flavour especially from the volcanic soil of the slopes of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro. Here at Kioga you will learn about Arabica coffee which is the best as well as pick its berries, grind and roast to finally make your own cup of coffee. “Really good experience.”

Next you will move to Sawe family where you will learn a about zero grassing and the biogas system. From there you will proceed to Oldonyosapuk panorama for great and fantastic view over the Arusha City and its neighbours. You will then walk to one of traditional and local Boma for Maasai/Ilarusa traditional and cultural identification. At the Boma your guide will tell you about Maasai traditional ceremonies as well as old story and the cultural way of life.

The tour will end at our traditional place of worship. You will learn about the Maasai believes as well as Maasai god, then return to the tour starting point where you will enjoy a fresh cup of coffee direct from the source.


[B] Full Day Tour Starting From 7 – 8 Hours

Option 1: Walking start from Arusha

This enable you to enjoy the country side of Arusha as you will wind up the mountains to the top of Oldonyosapuk, enjoy a great bird eye view. You will go down the Themi Valley, here you will enjoy the scenic Themi river bank, thick with tropical vegetation and home of colorful birds and primate. You may continue to crisscross the river several times and finally you will rich the mouth of the biggest waterfall in and around Arusha. Take the same way back to Arusha. (lunch is provided).

Option 2:

The same programe in different way:

Drive from Arusha to the village tour starting point then continue to Oldonyo sapuk then go down the river till you will reach the water fall, after the water fall you will then go to traditional Boma where you will learn the Maasai/ Illarusha culture, stop at tour starting point for cup of coffee and get back to Arusha.


[C] Half Day Tour Start From 3 – 4 Hrs

You will first start visiting the Maasai cultural museum and next you go with the camel towards the plain doted by Maasai huts.

A Maasai warrior will be your guide during the camel ride trip across the typical Maasai land, you will break at the Maasai boma where your guide will introduce you to a local Maasai family where you will learn Maasai culture and tradition and then you will ride back to the camel camp.

Beyond Kioga

• Mountain bike safari
• Maasai cattle markets on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.